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Information for patients

Information for patients

Your personal information

How we look after and safeguard information about you


We welcome comments, suggestions and complaints so that we can continually improve our service to you. Please contact the Practice Owners or Manager in person or by phone, letter or email if you have a comment, suggestion or complaint.

We take complaints very seriously and have an effective procedure to resolve any problems in the shortest possible time. You can read more about our procedure in our complaints policy. We always want to have satisfied patients.

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Practice Owner

Mark Skimming/Pain Free Dentistry Group

The Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is an independent public body and reports directly to Parliament. Further information is available at:

Responding to requests

All requests for information will be responded to within 20 working days. A fee can be charged when dealing with a request. This will be calculated in accordance with the Act. If a fee is required for information requested, the 20 day timescale can be extended to up to three months.

Should the request for information exceed the charges set by the Secretary of State, this practice does not have to action the request.

Legal basis

The legal basis for processing your personal data is:

“9(2)(h) – ..medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment..”

And Consent.

Policies and procedures

The practice has a number of important policies that detail how we provide care and service to our patients. Please ask the Practice Manager if you would like to see copies of the following policies or procedures:

  • Confidentiality policy
  • Data protection policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Privacy notice

You can view our Privacy Notice on our website or telephone or visit to ask reception for a paper copy.

Protecting your information

The data controller is the practice owner. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of dental care. To do this we need to keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you. We know that you value your privacy and the security of personal information held about you.

Information recorded

Information recorded about you may include:

  • Basic details, such as address, date of birth, next of kin
  • Details and clinical records about your treatment, medical and social health
  • Records of medicines you have been prescribed
  • Information relevant to your continued care from other people who care for you and know you well, such as other health professionals and relatives

Sharing information

The information held about you will not be shared for any reason, unless:

  • You ask us to do so
  • We ask and you give us specific permission
  • We are required by law, for example prescribers must be notified where a patient presents a repeat prescription and the pharmacist becomes aware of clinically significant issues arising in connection with that prescription
  • We are permitted by law, for example where public interest overrides the need to keep the information confidential

Anyone who receives information from us also has a legal duty to keep this information confidential, subject to recognised exceptions of the types listed above

Your right to view your clinical records

You have the right to view the original of your clinical records free of charge. If you request a copy, a charge will be due in accordance with the Data Protection Policy. Your request must be made in writing to the Practice Manager and the payment enclosed. A copy will be provided within 40 working days.


You have the right to confidentiality. We also comply with the NHS Code of Practice on Confidentiality and healthcare personnel have a requirement under their professional code of ethics to keep records about you confidential, secure and accurate.

All of our staff contracts of employment contain a requirement to keep patient information confidential.

Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act, gives the general right of access to all types of recorded information held by the practice. The intention of the Act is to encourage a spirit of openness and transparency in the NHS and the whole public sector. Our organisation aims to fully support this.

Any individual or organisation can make a request for information. The applicant does not have to explain why this information is requested.

Our Publication Scheme

This practice has developed a publication scheme. It is a guide to information, routinely published and gives indication of information intended to be published. The publication scheme describes the form in which the information is published and any fees that will be charged. A request can be made from information listed in this publication scheme.

If you would like a copy of our publication scheme please contact the Data Controller.

Read Our Online Reviews

I just wanted to say a few words in recognition of Sebastian Mylchreest at the St Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic. I had to have a root canal and a new crown fitted during the C-19 restrictions as my own dentist was prohibited to carry out the work due to lockdown restrictions.Sebastian carried out a first rate job, he was extremely professional and very friendly, in addition to explaining the dental work as he proceeded with the treatment. The experience was as pain-free as you are likely to get when visiting a dentist. I found Sebastian to be genuine and extremely genial and would recommend him with no reservations. Thank you so much for a great job, I am very happy with my treatment and the result. 👍
Dave Deans
Dave D.
I visited St Andrews Dental care for the first time and had a fantastic experience. I had a scale and polish treatment with airflow. Eilidh, the hygienist spent time explaining how to keep my gums healthy and clean. The treatment itself was completely pain free and it was over before I knew it! Megan also did a great job assisting Eilidh with the whole process. They were both so friendly and made me feel at ease. I would definitely go back to visit this practice again to get more treatments! Amazing service, thanks again☺️
Maliha Ramzan
Maliha R.
I had a hygienist appointment for a deep clean and pureflow stain removal treatment before my wedding. The process was so efficient and not uncomfortable at all. Was done in half the time from my usual dentist. Elidh and mahira kept me notified of each step and were very friendly. Highly recommend 👌
misbah ramzan
misbah R.
After many years of feeling self-conscious about my teeth, I decided to take the plunge and go for Invisalign and composite bonding. From start to finish, the treatment I received from Sebastian and the team has been brilliant. Every step was carefully explained and I went from someone who dreaded the dentist, to looking forward to my appointments and seeing the progress and next steps. I now have perfectly white and straight teeth in time for my wedding next week and have no worries about smiling for the photos! I highly recommend St Andrews Dental Care to anyone looking for dental treatment.
Catrona McDaid
Catrona M.
Liam Brown
Liam B.
I found the whole visit pleasant, professionally excellent and thoroughly to be recommended. I was very impressed by the manner of Sebastian, my dentist, and his ability to relate to my own needs and wishes.
Alastair Symington
Alastair S.
Very happy with the experience I’ve had with Chris and his team, they all been very helpful and accommodated me well to get me on the right track as to where I would feel confident and happy with my teeth
Craig Edwards
Craig E.
Treated myself to Invisalign to straighten my front top and bottom teeth which had bothered me over the years, the treatment has proved to be a thoroughly worthwhile and quick experience with amazing results from wearing the clear invisible aligners, and with the option of a very affordable monthly payment plan.Sebastian took me through the treatment process with consistent professional care and advice. The process was extremely straight forward showing results as soon as 3/4 weeks from the start, I would highly recommend Sebastian and his team at St Andrews Care.
Jane W
Jane W
Everything is fully explained from treatment to cost. Kept informed of appointments by email and text. All staff professional and knowledgeable in their role.
Yvonne Welsh
Yvonne W.
Brilliant service ! Totally pain free!!
John Watson
John W.
Some gentle persuasion from Chris and I finally agreed to have my Iffy wisdom tooth out having guarded it for about 50Years!After 40 minutes in Sebastian's consulting room with much reassurance, lots of local anaesthetic, a bit of tooth shuggling I left without my wisdom tooth (and one other) having felt not a twinge of pain or discomfort. Thankyou for your kindness and professionalism - BRILLIANT!I first went to see Chris to ask his advice on what (if anything) could be done to reduce the ugly distortion of my front teeth or at least prevent them getting any worse. When he suggested using INVISALIGN I have to admit I was quite sceptical that anything so apparently gentle and unobtrusive could deal with the challenge! Six months on the results have been absolutely wonderful - I can grin and chat without the urge to hide my ugly teeth. A huge thankyou to Chris and the INVISALIGN team for the advice, encouragement and support - I could not be more delighted with the outcome.
Susan Morris
Susan M.
Friendly, reassuring and very professional treatment by Sebastian. All the staff exude a caring and helpful manner.
Michael Mullins
Michael M.
Gavin Lindsay
Gavin L.
Had a new denture made and I cannot tell you how delighted I am !!! I cannot even distinguish it from my own teeth it is utterly amazing!! Thank you so to the lovely young man who did this for me !! This has got to be the best practice in Scotland!!!!
fran giblin
fran G.
I have been a patient with this practice since 1999. Stuart and his dentists and nurses and staff are amazing. I have had implants done and was totally pain free. They really look after you. Best dentist in the world. No need to be scared....they all wear masks !!...........I look forward to the next 20 years with them.
Neil Dobson
Neil D.
Very professional and efficient service from everyone today. Chris did 4 fillings for me, and I never felt a thing!
Richard Sunderland
Richard S.
Had three of my wisdom tooth removed with Sebastian and it was a very secure and comfortable experience. Each extraction was quick and smooth, and the recovery period was short and easy. I'm glad to have had the removals done by St Andrews Dental Care!
Jiani Long
Jiani L.
It is difficult to write about Sebastian and the team without sounding cliched. But the simple truth is they are superb! I had two front teeth replaced by an implant. It was a fascinating experience as Sebastian performed some of the most impressive precision engineering I have ever seen. From the latest 3D imaging of your needs to the final product I simply found myself sitting in the chair thinking about this incredible process. If you are nervous about going to the dentist, do not hesitate to use this clinic. As someone put it, I have been given back a set of camera-ready gnashers. A most sincere thank you to Sebastian and the team.
Andy Oliver
Andy O.
Mike McWilliam
Mike M.
Grace Maurine
Grace M.
Amazing results and first-class treatment received - I whole-heartedly recommend Sebastian Mylchreest and the whole team. I thought I was too old for my teeth to be sorted out (late 40s) but Sebastian has given me my smile back again! Using comfortable braces, top and bottom, within a relatively short period of time, my teeth have been realigned - my teeth now look like they were always meant to! This treatment has also stopped me from further damaging and chipping my teeth, and has given me a more comfortable bite. I can't thank Sebastian and the team enough, very considerate, highly skilled and professional. I think Sebastian has worked miracles with my teeth - I'm no longer hiding my smile! I never thought I'd ever hear myself say I'm looking forward to my dental appointments - but that's how good the team are! Thank-you all so much!
Sarah Ritchie
Sarah R.
malcolm steedman
malcolm S.
Mairi Calderwood
Mairi C.
Both myself and my daughter attended this clinic recently and we honestly can’t praise everyone enough. I received a dental implant, composite bonding and whitening treatment and my daughter had wisdom teeth removed. She was a nervous patient before setting foot in the building but now has zero fear. The process for the dental implant was no where near as stressful as I had imagined and was very surprised by how easy Sebastian and the team had made it seem. From the first consultation through to looking in the mirror to see my new smile I always felt so relaxed and never in pain. All the staff are super friendly and caring and would highly recommend to anyone considering any form of treatment.
Deborah Mc
Deborah M.
I received implant treatment requiring a bone graft at St Andrews Dental Care recently. Not everyone has the talent for making an unpleasant experience into a pleasant one, but these guys managed it with unrivalled skill, professionalism and care. My new tooth is perfect, thank you.
Anita L
Anita L
Seb has worked miracles on my teeth achieving results in under a year I didn't think possible. St. Andrews Dental Care comes highly recommended.
William Donaldson
William D.
Seb was very professional and made me feel at ease - nothing was too big an ask. Practice is very clean and Covid safe. All appointments were exactly on time and I didn't feel as if the appointment was rushed. No hesitation in recommending Seb to anyone.
corol kerr
corol K.
Amazing experience start to end! The team are extremely friendly and I couldn't be happier with my results. A big thank you to Seb, Louise and the team of dental nurses I have had - each of them were amazing and well worth the trips up from London, I wouldn't go anywhere else!! I had been coming to this practice since I was little and couldn't recommend it enough.
Sophie Millar
Sophie M.
I have been a patient at this practice since it opened, sometime last century! Throughout the years I have always been 100% satisfied with all my care and treatment from all the staff. The place is spotlessly clean, the equipment thoroughly modern and efficient, and I just know I am SAFE in the hands of the dental surgeons and dental nurses. This week I got two new front teeth (crowns) and I am ready for Christmas (and a whole lot more). I am in a prepayment plan so that even my bills are relatively pain-free.
Barbara MacFarlane
Barbara M.
So happy with the work that Seb has carried out. After many years of living with 2 front teeth with small chips which had been very visibly repaired, he has done an amazing cosmetic and invisible repair. All my friends think that I have 2 new front teeth, fabulous! He also measured and fitted me with a new mouth guard to prevent damage from teeth grinding and for the first time in many years I wake up in the morning refreshed and rested after a good nights sleep, and without any pain in my jaw or neck. I would highly recommend St Andrews Dental Care to anyone looking for any form of dental treatment.
Pat R
Pat R
Great team here all very nice and make u feel welcome,Chris is the dentist I've had all my treatment with and I was terrified,but from day one I was put at ease and actually got all my treatment.I can't recommend highly enough thanks again guys u were amazing.
Jo Mcvey
Jo M.
What a kind, caring and professional practice. I cannot express how relieved and happy I am to have found St Andrews Dental Care. I am genuinely terrified of all things dentist-related but I was put completely at my ease by the calm atmosphere of the clinic and the caring, thoughtful attitudes of the practice members. Both Kasia and Sebastian were wonderful and really took the time to listen to me, understand and reassure me that everything was going to be OK! Sebastian put me completely at ease in the treatment room, taking time to explain everything that he had discovered. My treatment was very gentle and thoughtful and I was actually able to relax. I left feeling elated that I had been to the dentist and actually left smiling for the first time ever! If you are worried or afraid of the dentist, this practice is your place. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Kate Walder
Kate W.
As someone who has a huge fear of dentists in general, and pretty much everything that goes with it… I was dreading my first appointment. However Chris and his amazing team soon eased me into feeling relaxed. Almost immediately I felt at ease, and shortly afterwards I actually found myself laughing and genuinely not scared at all. The magic that Chris and his team worked in my mouth has left me feeling like a new person. And honestly, the care and patience that Chris showed me is beyond words. I couldn’t recommend highly enough. You will be in the most capable and dedicated hands with Chris and his team. Thank you all so very much x
dawn simpson
dawn S.
From my very first visit to St. Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic, I felt relaxed and at ease - which I had never before felt when visiting a dental practice. First, I had a long discussion with a very pleasant young lady about my requirements. Following this, an appointment was made with Dr. Chris Jordan, and we had further discussion about my needs, and what I particularly wanted to achieve from the treatment. Dr. Chris was sympathetic to my position, having lost quite a number of teeth at a relatively early age, and I decided eventually that, due to my age, I would have a new denture rather than implants. Dr. Chris was so considerate and understanding during my subsequent appointments, and was extremely painstaking and patient in checking every last tiny detail. I was treated with courtesy and kindness throughout the process, and Dr. Chris was very understanding of my need to feel relaxed and happy about smiling, speaking, laughing, and of course, eating. The end result is that I now have a smile to be proud of, and also a new confidence that I had been lacking for quite a long time regarding smiling, speaking and eating. I would thoroughly recommend St. Andrews Dental Care and Implant Clinic to anyone, and especially to those who, like me, previously had a fear and dread of dental treatment!
James Easton
James E.
I recently had two wisdom teeth removed and one partially removed by Sebastian and I cannot recommend him enough. I think most people hear a lot of horror stories about wisdom teeth but having the procedure done in the practice rather than in a hospital felt a lot less intimidating. Sebastian is not only a very skilled dentist but he genuinely cares about patient care and experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone for dental treatment! I also had sedation for the procedure from Chris. Again, he was very reassuring and the sedation definitely stops you from remembering anything about the treatment! Thank you!
Bronagh Masterson
Bronagh M.
I will never be a brave dental patient. I'm so tense when I cross the threshold that it's a wonder my hair isn't standing on end. Sebastian and Zoe are kind, patient, and encouraging, and they go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and at ease.It's clear that Sebastian takes a real pride in his work - my fillings look and feel great. This has been my best ever dental experience.
Shirley White
Shirley W.
After putting off the dentist for a long time, I eventually had to give in to my toothache and visit the dentistAfter researching many dental practises throughout fife, I decided to go to St Andrews Dental Care and seek some much needed help. The sign up process was simple and I was seen very quickly, the reception staff were extremely helpful and always smilingDr Chris Jordan & Louise quickly diagnosed what needed to be done and got to work and after a couple of visits and some root canal, I was good to go.Everyone I came into contact with at the practice was amazing and professional. If you are weary of the dentist (like me) or are worried about needles, this is the place to go for pain free dentistry, you won’t regret it.
Sean Will
Sean W.
As an extremely nervous patient, I cannot rate the care received from Chris and his team highly enough. All aspects of the treatment were explained fully and I suffered no pain or discomfort during or after the procedures. Thank you Chris, I have my smile back.
linda banks
linda B.
There are not enough superlatives to give this practice, and Sebastian Mylchreest in particular a worthy review. As a late sixties grandma with a lifelong phobia of the dentist, I can't believe how much dentistry has changed for the better. The whole team is fantastic, and do their utmost to put you at your ease. I recently had a crown fitted, and I had the second part of the procedure done without any anaesthetic. That may not sound like a big deal, but I used to have to take tranquillisers just to get through the door.Cannot praise them enough.
anne boland
anne B.
I was extremely happy with my dentist and when he retired I was anxious about finding a replacement. I needn’t have worried, Chris is a skilful and considerate dentist and I feel equally happy with him.
Sandra Lowe
Sandra L.
I had a broken tooth that had to be repaired. Sebastian explained all the options and we agreed a procedure, which was carried out the next day. It was so relaxed and painless that I fell asleep during the procedure! It is now 3 hours later, all numbness has gone and there is no discomfort whatever.Thank you Sebastian and the rest of the team for a quick and pain free experience - I would even say "enjoyable"!
David Cole-Hamilton
David C.
I could not be happier with the result of my dental work carried out by Seb. The whole dental team is friendly and welcoming and really made me feel at ease whilst undergoing my treatment. I would highly recommend StAndrews Dental Care to anyone looking for dental treatment.
Naomi Hart
Naomi H.
So happy with my results ! Thank you so much Chris anyone looking for a new dentist get Chris. I also have a fear of the dentist and I have no issues with Chris and is every gentle too! Thanks again
Domenica Gonsales
Domenica G.
I am new to the practice and can’t give enough praise for their exemplary level of care. The whole team are amazing, Kasia and Gemma are so welcoming and friendly making visits a pleasure. I needed extensive work so special thanks to the very caring Dr Chris Jordan and Louise and Eilidh, hygienist for their impeccable work over the past few months. Chris promised the final result would be really good and he didn’t disappoint exceeding my expectation. Loving my fabulous new smile.
Norma Stenhouse
Norma S.
I couldn't have asked for a better experience at the St Andrews Dental Care and Implant clinic. All the team made me feel so welcomed and at ease from start to finish! Thank you so much Chris for my final result- Could not be happier with them. Totally transformed my smile! Thanks again!
Lucy Chalmers
Lucy C.
Having today completed a lengthy course of treatment including crowns, root canals and an implant I must say that I cannot recommend this dental practice highly enough. From the initial consultation with Kelly to my final appointment, all the staff have been kind, caring, helpful and cheery. My dentist Dr Sebastian Mylchreest is extremely skilled, calm, friendly and humorous and he and his dental nurse Zoe, who is a totally competent and very reassuring presence, make a wonderful team. All my treatment was pain-free and stress-free as advertised and I could not be happier with my new look mouth! Thank you also to Dr Nik, the hygienist team and Kasia the receptionist. See you in 6 months!
Jo W
Jo W
I really cannot fault the excellent care I’ve had since first visiting St Andrews Dental Care last year to discuss replacing my existing veneers that I had fitted at another practice some years ago.From my initial smile consultation with Kelly to discuss what treatment options might be suitable for me, right through to meeting with Dr Chris Jordan, I have always been made to feel like I was the most important patient visiting that day.The end result is that I have a beautiful new set of composite veneers which I could not be happier with, it’s totally transformed how I feel about my smile - and everything was 100% pain free!So a special thanks to Chris, Louise and all the rest of the team at St Andrews Dental Care for being so great. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone seeking 1st class dental care.
Katie Atoms
Katie A.
Just excellent. Apart from all the staff being friendly and attentive they live up to their motto of "pain free". Thanks Chris and the rest of the team.
David Cochrane
David C.
Wow!!! What can I say, wisdom tooth removed in under 2 minutes after 10days of constant pain..... didn't feel a thing, not even the injection !! Sebastian and team are so caring and helpful.Highly recommend 👌 😍.
Charlene Anderson
Charlene A.
I have had excellent attention from the St.Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic, I am very pleased with the result the staff have been very caring and helpful and my procedures have been painless I would definitely recommend them, and already have done.
Margaret Duncan
Margaret D.
Stuart and his team are the best. Friendliness and professionalism greet you as soon as you enter the building and remains with you throughout your treatment. Thank you Stuart and everyone.
Susan Jamieson
Susan J.
One of the best & friendliest practices around - both Stuart & his team are true professionals which has seen me keep returning for nearly 10 years now. All work is done to the highest standard and from previous bad experiences at other practices .... I've never felt my teeth have been so well looked after
William Paterson
William P.
What a wonderful helpful man Dr. Farmer is…and his staff are second to none!!!There is not enough praise I can give this practice…I thoroughly recommend it through and through.!!!!
Angela Bradley
Angela B.

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We Are Pain Free!

We Are Pain Free!

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We Are Pain Free!

We Are Pain Free!

We Are Pain Free!

We Are Pain Free!

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Finance Options - Spreading The Cost of Your Dentistry

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