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Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Smile With More Confidence

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Red wine, coffee, age and genetics can make your teeth yellow and discoloured, which can have an ageing effect and spoil your appearance. The good news is, you don’t need to hide your teeth any more!

Teeth whitening is a simple and inexpensive way to make your teeth whiter. Although not a permanent solution, tooth whitening, if done properly, will usually last between 6 and 12 months. It gives a brighter smile which is still very natural.

Teeth whitening is a simple, safe and effective, non-invasive treatment which is growing in popularity as more and more people, young and not so young, are experiencing the benefits that it brings.

We can carry out tooth whitening for suitable patients utilising a more gentle tray whitening approach – with patients wearing custom-made, thin, gum shield-like trays containing bleaching gels. These trays are worn over a two or three week period for up to 2 hours per session, every other day. This more gentle approach reduces the sensitivity which can affect some patients during the whitening period.

Whitening helps you achieve a more youthful appearance and, in more deeply discoloured teeth, an improvement in colour of 3 shades can be achieved. A couple of top-up sessions are then carried out after 4 to 6 months after the initial course of treatment has been completed.

What Is Involved With Tooth Whitening?

The technique involves taking impressions of your teeth and getting laboratory made custom bleaching trays. Tooth whitening gel is then applied to the trays which are fitted to the teeth.

The trays hold the gel on the teeth and with time the teeth lighten. The more often you apply the gel the lighter the teeth will go. 

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are many causes including ageing and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, teas, colas, tobacco, red wine etc. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Yes, when monitored professionally and the instructions are followed there will be no damage to teeth, enamel or gums.

How Long Will It Take?

Generally the effects can be seen within one week for the in-office technique, and in about one month for the home bleaching technique. Some stains, like those caused by antibiotics, may require a prolonged course of treatment.

How Long Will It Last?

This depends on your lifestyle (tea, coffee, red wine etc.) but generally the effects should last up to 2 years. We advise patients to keep their bleaching trays as additional tubes of the tooth whitening product can be purchased for a ‘top-up’ as required.

Will It Affect My Fillings Or Crowns?

No, there will be no colour change to existing fillings (silver or white), crowns, veneers, inlays, bridgework etc. Some restorations may need to be replaced if they do not match the new colour of your teeth, and we will do our best to advise which ones this may be, but the final decision can only be assessed once the tooth whitening has been completed.

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Regular patient for many years. Fully endorse excellent high quality patient-orientated service. Outstanding.Latest visit again fulfills, exceeds expectations. I'm a retired medic and can judge the skill with which Seb and Chris work. Wouldn't dream of going elsewhere.Thanks guys (and gals).Peter
Peter Ball
Peter B.
First appointment was a truly thorough examination and explanation of what treatment was required.Second appointment I was very anxious, but Chris Jordan and Emma made me feel very relaxed.I was surprised when told the treatment was finished as there had been no pain.Chris spent time before treatment explaining exactly what he was doing.Very friendly and professional by all the staff.Thank you
Doreen Delaney
Doreen D.
I just wanted to say a few words in recognition of Sebastian Mylchreest at the St Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic. I had to have a root canal and a new crown fitted during the C-19 restrictions as my own dentist was prohibited to carry out the work due to lockdown restrictions.Sebastian carried out a first rate job, he was extremely professional and very friendly, in addition to explaining the dental work as he proceeded with the treatment. The experience was as pain-free as you are likely to get when visiting a dentist. I found Sebastian to be genuine and extremely genial and would recommend him with no reservations. Thank you so much for a great job, I am very happy with my treatment and the result. 👍
Dave Deans
Dave D.
Had a crown fitted - the preparation was so good that the actual fitting took just 20 minutes, from start of appointment to out the door!
Gavin Greig
Gavin G.
Superb treatment from Chris and Emma during my appointment today.Chris explained the treatment to me before he started and during the treatment, and asked if i had any questions.Both he and Emma were very professional and caring at all times.After he had finished he took the time to ensure I was happy with todays work and gave me instructions on how to proceed until my next visit.I would fully recommend Chris and his team, and the full staff at this dental practice, who cannot do enough to ensure your visit is "Pain free".5 stars without any doubt. Thank you.
No word of a lie, I kept falling asleep during my root canal treatment. Quite an accolade for a wuss like me! Kudos to Sebastian and his team for such a pain free experience. Thank you.
Munro Corbett
Munro C.
I cannot recommend Sebastian and the rest of the team at At Andrews Dental Care, highly enough. Last year I was really suffering with throbbing pain around my ear/ jaw area. This would worsen at night and was causing me acute sleep problems. I couldn't seem to find anyone who could help. After many months, I eventually mentioned it to Sebastian, who immediately diagnosed the problem, ( TMJ), and measured me up for a 'splint' which I wear at night. After months of anxiety and pain, Sebastian sorted it. In fact, I discovered that he has specialist training and qualifications in issues such as this. Don't be fooled by his youthfulappearance - Sebastian is a highly skilled and experienced dentist. His pleasant manner puts you totally at ease. An excellent practice with an excellent team of professionals.
Barbara Maxwell
Barbara M.
Definitely 5 stars! for Sebastian. No drama,everyone lovely,.IAnd I love the dental chairs!
Lesley Watson
Lesley W.
Just what a dental practice should be. Everyone is very professional as well as very friendly. They tell you - and show you - clearly what they need to do and how much it will cost. And while they're working they are excellent at explaining what's going on. Like many people, I suspect, I've always had a phobia of dentists. But with Seb & his team the whole experience is calm and unscary .
Mark Rogerson
Mark R.
Sebastian Mylchreest was excellent. Explained everything clearly and was extremely adept at carrying out the procedures. A very good dentist.
Peter Rowley
Peter R.
I have seen the dentist a few times here and they have always been fantastic and very friendly. They dealt with dental emergencies quickly which as a student was really helpful.
Catherine Essex
Catherine E.
I would thoroughly recommend this dental practice and Dr Sebastian Mylchreest to everyone, including those who are nervous about visiting a dentist.From entering the waiting room the whole experience was calming.All the staff are pleasant and Sebastian has such a lovely manner. Everything was clearly explained so I always knew what to expect and the whole process was painfree - including the injection of local anaesthetic.I now have a perfectly fitting dental inlay.
Joan McCulloch
Joan M.
I have been going here for 30 years and always had a 'good' experience. Very friendly reception and always made to feel at ease. My present dentist, Dr Sebastian Mylchreest, makes you feel very relaxed and confident that your dental problems will be resolved. You also receive a very good and thorough check up with the hygienist. Strongly recommend.
Allan Brown
Allan B.
If I could have given six stars for the professional care and treatment offered by Sebastian and the wonderful team (Zoe and Kelly) at St. Andrews Dental Care I would have. I have had major anxiety issues with any type of dental care since a terrifying experience as a child and had avoided treatment until absolutely necessary. From my initial visit, Sebastian took the time to explain each step of the visit and to allay my fears. I had extensive work done and can honestly say that each session was pain free. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!
Michelle Stovell
Michelle S.
For someone who quite frankly has a phobia of dentists Sebastian puts you at ease and the (if this is possible) most painfree experience. Highly recommended.
Rich Cleary
Rich C.
Consistently professional and very friendly service. Completed my treatment plan with Sebastian today, each individual treatment given with absolute pain free, very gentle, step by step informative care in pleasant, relaxed surroundings. I would thoroughly recommend booking a consultation with Sebastian and his team.
Jane W
Jane W
Absolute first class experience. I recently joined the practice after not attending a dentist in about 4 years. I suffer really really bad anxiety with the dentist, however, read some good reviews about the practice and decided to take the first step in getting my new smile. I have been blown away and feel excited to start my journey to a new smile. Kelly the consultant was wonderful and made me feel at ease and supported from the start. I met my dentist Sebastian for the first time today, and he instantly put me at ease. He was calm, gentle, and supportive. He made sure that I felt comfortable in every way, and he took his time with me and explained everything bit by bit. Going to the dentist is extremely invase and I feel that its important that you feel comfortable with your dentist, and I can now say that I feel so much more comfortable about visiting the dentist thanks to the support of Kelly and Sebastian, and also Zoe, without the support of these guys, I could not have made this first step and I will be forever grateful to them. They truly deliver a first class service. Well done guys.
Cheryl Stewart
Cheryl S.
Following a fall I damaged my implants resulting in toothache.Sebastian delivered antibiotics to my home as I was self isolating and this was then followed up by a phone call from the practice.When safe to do so I attended the practice last week and Sebastian talked through my options and then treated me in a most professional yet friendly manner putting me completely at ease in his care.I would not hesitate in recommending Sebastian and St Andrews Dental Care.
Gordon Muir
Gordon M.
I was a study abroad student who had a pretty nasty fall and broke 4 of my teeth. The team here went above and beyond to make sure I returned to the states feeling my best. Wish I could give a higher rating than 5 stars.
Izzy Martingano
Izzy M.
Excellent dental care for adults and children. Had root canal treatment done with no pain at all. Good follow up; teeth in excellent condition.
Milla Fyfe
Milla F.
Everyone at St Andrews Dental Care is extraordinary! I would definitely recommend them. Not only do they provide the highest quality services but they make your experience with them more than pleasant. They always put the needs and desires of their clients first. I never thought I would enjoy going to the dentist!
Abby Bellistri
Abby B.
I've been a client of the practice for many years and have always been more than satisfied with the treatment I've received from Stuart and the team. More recently I've had some repair work done by Sebastian who was extremely thorough, explained every step of the process as he worked and put me at ease throughout an appointment which lasted over an hour. I have no hesitation in recommending the practice and it's staff.
L Gallagher
L G.
A first class dental practice which I thoroughly recommend. All staff are highly skilled and caring. My smile is now transformed thanks to the skill and expertise of Stewart Farmer, dental nurses and his marvellous laboratory service! Since registering with this dental practice many years ago, my visits to the dentist have no longer been dreaded and my teeth have never looked better.😁😁😁
Brenda Clark
Brenda C.
I have been a patient of Stuart Farmer since returning to Scotland in 2002. Through each of my six-monthly visits, he and the entire team at St Andrews Dental Care have given me the best dental care I could hope for, combining professional excellence with easy geniality. I am grateful to them for looking after me so well and give my wholehearted recommendation.
Peter McTiernan
Peter M.
My experience today was incredible. Sebastian was very thorough in his explanation of my care plan. The detail left me with almost no questions to ask which is abnormal for me... I highly recommend the practice and I am very much looking forward to my follow up appointments.
Great practice. I just had my teeth whitened and also repairs to previously damaged front teethe. Sebastian did a great job, all the teeth match and look great. I can highly recommend Sebastian & all the staff at the practice.
Sean Walker
Sean W.
I can highly recommend the St Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic.I am a client of Dr Stuart Farmer and he has provided me with a professional and personal dental care to a very high standard.The Dental Team are all skilled in there disciplines and they ensure each individual Client receives a first class standard of Dental advice and treatment.
Ian Clark
Ian C.
Very satisfied with the professionalism and treatment I have received from St Andrews Care & Implant Clinic.I have never enjoyed my Dental visits in the past , however the service and treatment at this Practice is first class and it has given me a more pleasurable experience.
Ruth Clark
Ruth C.
I highly recommend St Andrews Dental Care. I was able to book an appointment in no time and the service is outstanding. I've always been scared of dentists and this has caused me to avoid visits for a long time. My dentist at St Andrews Dental Care listened to my concerns and explained me all the treatment's details! This definitely helped. Couldn't be happier with my experience!
Ludovica Adamo
Ludovica A.
For friendly, expert, patient centred practice, St Andrews Dental Care and Implant Centre leads the field! Stuart Farmer is the consummate dental professional, possessing skill, expertise and experience. Using state of the art technology and specialised techniques, he completely reconstructed my mouth, remediating the disastrous results of failed treatment carried out elsewhere. Throughout the lengthy treatment required, my faith in Stuart’s ability and support from his team, allowed me to overcome any fears. My numerous appointments were carefully planned and scheduled to create minimum disruption and allowed me to carry on normally with my life. I completed this course of treatment yesterday and am delighted to record my gratitude to Stuart and all the staff. Although living some distance from St. Andrews, I would not consider attending any other practice.
Maggie Mackay
Maggie M.
I would highly recommend St Andrews Dental Care, first class. They have been very thorough with a treatment plan and have really helped with my anxiety, taking things at my pace and building up my confidence. They’ve got all the latest technology and my dentist even lets me choose what music we listen to!
Laura Givens
Laura G.
Everyone in the practice is friendly and makes you feel as relaxed as possible - nothing is too much trouble. The pre-treatment information, planning and expert dental work are first class with close attention to detail. I would highly recommend St Andrews Dental Care and Implant Clinic for all your dental needs
Frances Spencer
Frances S.
I have had excellent attention from the St.Andrews Dental Care & Implant Clinic, I am very pleased with the result the staff have been very caring and helpful and my procedures have been painless I would definitely recommend them, and already have done.
Margaret Duncan
Margaret D.
Great to have a front tooth (implant) again after a disastrous accident last year. It's hard to tell it from the original. The process necessarily took a while but a well-crafted temporary bridge kept my chewing in good functional order during the period.
Colin Allison
Colin A.
Stuart and his team are the best. Friendliness and professionalism greet you as soon as you enter the building and remains with you throughout your treatment. Thank you Stuart and everyone.
Susan Jamieson
Susan J.
I had the best experience with the team at St Andrews Dental Care. I cannot rate them highly enough, I have a genuine fear of the dentist and I was made to feel as relaxed as possible right from the word go - from the receptionist to the dentist and hygienist. The team really looked after me and the service was first class.
Alice Foster
Alice F.
Can’t say enough about this amazing dental practice! When I joined the practice I had severe anxiety about going to the Dentist based on previous traumatic experiences but they were so helpful and reassuring I have no problem attending my appointments now. The service is first class and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
Jo Robinson
Jo R.
Thanks again to everyone at St Andrews Dental Care. I have been a patient here for 8 years and have always had first rate care. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the service I have received has always been above and beyond - Thank You! Therefore it goes without saying that I would highly recommend this practice, thank you, Farmers and team!
Nadine Caton
Nadine C.
I’ve been with this fantastic practice since 1992 and would give everyone involved, far more than five stars if allowed. I am a Grade ‘A’ scaredy cat, always have been, always will be, and I cannot sing the praises highly enough of Pauline, Stuart and most recently Charlotte, when it comes to putting anxious patients at ease. Not forgetting Hannah, Lisa and Carol and all dental nurses and reception staff who invaluably add to the overall excellence of the practice.Unfortunately I have required lots and lots of dental work, but fortunately I have the best practitioners to look after me.
Anne Boland
Anne B.
Anne A.
I have been a patient here for over 10 years and I have always received excellent care. The time and attention given at each appointment is evident on every visit. My teeth feel very well looked after.
Sarah Adams
Sarah A.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stuart and his amazing team . I had a front tooth implant 2yrs ago . Which was carried out professionally and with kindness which in my view you don’t get the latter from every Dental practice. I must include all the girls and hygienist in this recommendation. Full marks in my view.
Dee Williams
Dee W.
Very satisfied with everything: state of the art equipment, etc.
J. Coderch
J. C.
One of the best & friendliest practices around - both Stuart & his team are true professionals which has seen me keep returning for nearly 10 years now. All work is done to the highest standard and from previous bad experiences at other practices .... I've never felt my teeth have been so well looked after
William Paterson
William P.
What a wonderful helpful man Dr. Farmer is…and his staff are second to none!!!There is not enough praise I can give this practice…I thoroughly recommend it through and through.!!!!
Angela Bradley
Angela B.

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